Tuesday, March 1, 2011


i loved my experience as a student at dvc, so i decided to look for work there after i graduated college. lo and behold, there was an opening and i filled it! i've ended up in the admissions and records office...a very high volume and fast paced environment. i love what i do-- i absolutely love helping students. the best part is interacting with them at the service window or in the enrollment lab. the experience definitely has some quirks and interesting moments (ex: "hi. i need help. this form says name. do i put my name here??"), but overall i enjoy this line of work. here is a layout in tribute: "working 9 to 5* sucks." (but it's not so bad if you like what you do!) *i am 8 to 6 anyway ;-)

oh. and it doesn't hurt to have a dwight bobble head at my desk either. question. question. question.


Mallory Phillipy said...

dwight bobble heads are necessary in any office.

Sarah said...

You crack me up that you have a Dwight bobblehead!