Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

bustin' a move

yes i am dancing up a storm alone in my house to miike snow remixes. and it is awesome.

get into the groove

...boy you've got to prove your love to me.


not really. but it's a good song and i'm trying to 'get my groove back.' no more facebook, the false reality realm. if i'm going to be online, i should be writing, reading, exploring...not just wasting time. (no offense if you enjoy facebook - it is definitely not a waste of time for everyone. but i was wasting my time). pictures can be posted here. thoughts can be shared here. i can be here instead. so here i am. happy thursday :)

the sun is shining and spring is showing its cute little face. peeking out behind the chilly wind and winking at us. hopefully spring is friends with rain though-- we don't want her to disappear for too long! she's been quite the tease this year. but oh such lovely days lately. i went on such a wonderful hike/run this weekend and had the moon at my back and the sun leading me along the path. it was incredibly beautiful! i wore my new (beloved by me and loathed by my fashionable friends) toe shoes and scaled the mountain (i am exaggerating here) like i was spider(wo)man. it was exhilarating!

this weekend i will be with my grandparents. my grandfather is battling the physical and emotional pains of cancer that is throughout his body. oh how i wish positive energy and love could heal. but i hope it can help, coupled with quality medical care. i bought him a bansuri flute (indian) and i don't think he will be able to play it, but he loves flutes and maybe i will just play it for him. last year during the holidays (2010) the family went for a stroll in downtown claremont at the local farmer's market. here we are just laughing and being silly as we always are... i love his sincere smile and it warms my heart to see his happiness here. i only wish that he becomes pain-free and can enjoy life now. now is all we have.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

taut remain the strings of my heart
tension threatens to snap them apart
when plucked right they resound
quite unnerving yet profound
harmony and dissonance
balance out my existence
which will it be today?
would anyone ever dare to play?
tread lightly on this ground unstable
the finest silk thread disguised as steel cable
or is that reversed?
it depends on the hour
or maybe only
if i give you that power

Thursday, September 15, 2011

if you're happy and you know it...

a million and a half layouts completed- awaiting a home.

magical endeavors with kari potter...

fun with a camera and lomo editing...

trekking into dangerous scrapbook supply territories with the bff...

{clapping hands}
i am happy. i just am. and it's nice.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

letter to my author...

dear renee,
your blog here. neglected and alone, simply existing. how i've longed for the gentle kiss of a keystroke, the tickle of your thoughts on my virtual pages, the quiet admiration with which you regard me after we've shared a few stolen moments. but alas, here i sit, ever awaiting your return. i beg you to pay more attention to me! fill me in once in a while...all those scrapbook pages you've been mass producing, the new job you are learning, the fun excursions you've been on, your aspirations, hopes, dreams, worries and more... i'd like to hear about these things more frequently please! and i know you need to share... i know you want to!
not so patiently anymore,
your blog.