Thursday, March 8, 2012

get into the groove

...boy you've got to prove your love to me.


not really. but it's a good song and i'm trying to 'get my groove back.' no more facebook, the false reality realm. if i'm going to be online, i should be writing, reading, exploring...not just wasting time. (no offense if you enjoy facebook - it is definitely not a waste of time for everyone. but i was wasting my time). pictures can be posted here. thoughts can be shared here. i can be here instead. so here i am. happy thursday :)

the sun is shining and spring is showing its cute little face. peeking out behind the chilly wind and winking at us. hopefully spring is friends with rain though-- we don't want her to disappear for too long! she's been quite the tease this year. but oh such lovely days lately. i went on such a wonderful hike/run this weekend and had the moon at my back and the sun leading me along the path. it was incredibly beautiful! i wore my new (beloved by me and loathed by my fashionable friends) toe shoes and scaled the mountain (i am exaggerating here) like i was spider(wo)man. it was exhilarating!

this weekend i will be with my grandparents. my grandfather is battling the physical and emotional pains of cancer that is throughout his body. oh how i wish positive energy and love could heal. but i hope it can help, coupled with quality medical care. i bought him a bansuri flute (indian) and i don't think he will be able to play it, but he loves flutes and maybe i will just play it for him. last year during the holidays (2010) the family went for a stroll in downtown claremont at the local farmer's market. here we are just laughing and being silly as we always are... i love his sincere smile and it warms my heart to see his happiness here. i only wish that he becomes pain-free and can enjoy life now. now is all we have.

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