Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend recap.

yes. i actually clicked the dusty "new post" button. (!) thanks to a fun little scrappy birthday get-together, miss mallory, kari and i have a blog pact. everyday this week we will be posting (or roasting, like boom. roasted)! mallory made us the cutest little lists of our daily here we go with the weekend recap:

i made a bee-line to my grandparents house, my oasis of love and joy, thursday night and stayed until sunday morning. we shared so much laughter, good food, wine, movies, outings to the bookstore, music, dreams and love. i tried to hold each special moment in my heart, to write it into my soul's memory. i adore them. my grandmother's window prisms casting dancing rainbows throughout the living room, her creativity in art, decoration, cooking, inspiring and beautiful. my grandfather's unmatched sense of humor, his constant silly joking, his flirtation with the love of his life, his flute piping, observant interest in our girly ways, just his being. it was hard to say goodbye, but i know we will connect again soon. for now my heart is full.

i got to spend some quick, but quality time with becky, mez and ezra! he is absolutely adorable and i just loved being with all of them. his cheeks are out of control!

sunday was kari's scraptacular bday scrapfest. safeway starbucks, sandwiches (and long lines). eating grandma's homemade banana chocolate chip cake. laughing. listening to all kinds of crazy mixes on the iblast. doin' the dougie. or the jerk. making silly faces and cracking up. laughing!

oh. and busting out the pages (i scrap at an exponential rate).

and then the oscars. oh james franco, you are too cute.
it was a good weekend-- hard to go back to work after such fun! :)
i love my ladies...can't wait to art it up again soon.

on to the next one...


Kari said...

Yes. Love it.

leslianne5 said...

Now I am happy.
p.m. I DIDN'T watch Eclipse again last night, really I didn't. :)

Mallory Phillipy said...

"the dusty 'new post' button"!!

literally just LOLed.

i love you.