Friday, September 3, 2010

a special surprise visit

the little bro came to town! we surprised my mom at a restaurant...she was totally shocked! we had such a nice summer evening together. great company, wine, eats and was fabulous! these are two of my favorite snapshots of the night. my brother is such a movie star :)

and some currents: (thanks lifeLOVEpaper)

listening: miike snow
eating: nada. had a juicy pizza from zachary's with the fam earlier
drinking: i seriously need some water. super. duper. thirsty
wearing: purple tank and running shorts (no running happening at the moment)
feeling: so glad it's the weekend! happy and full
weather: lovely summer evening. slider wide open and fan on
wanting: to sleeeeeep in tomorrow!!
needing: to get some serious exercise this weekend
thinking: love is such a special gift and experience
enjoying: browsing through photos and listening to music
wondering: what the next few months will bring...

1 comment:

leslianne5 said...

This makes me happy. Brothers are good :)
Your mom looks excited!