Saturday, August 14, 2010

it's the little things

woo hoo! cleansing my soul with a little spontaneous crafting, beautiful weather, girl time and some good music! kitty curled up on the couch, door wide open, breeze drifting in, doing art in and outside, listening to genius playlists on itunes, sifting through my scrap stuff for fun, planning out layouts for tomorrow's bff scrapapolooza, thinking life is good, and just enjoying the moments. ahhhhhh.

can everyday be like this?

does monday really have to come so soon?

how can i hold this in my heart through the week?

i will try ;-)

oh. and, super inspired by Tina of lifeLOVEpaper, Cathy of Bits & Pieces, Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, Heidi of Still Me, and of course, bffffffl Kari of Second Star to the Right.

Thank you Tina for "Currents," Cathy for the inspiration to run, Elsie for all kinds of fun crafty ideas, Heidi for awesome techniques, including the little word banner above, and Kari for...well, EVERYTHING. xo

so: "Currents"

listening: ghostland observatory - debating which album to buy on itunes.
eating: having slight heartburn from some garlic hummus and a veggie burger.
drinking: water. me? what else?
wearing: old purple sweats and a t-shirt that says: "it's an earth thing, it's time to understand."
feeling: elated. just spent my day scrapping and enjoying the moment.
weather: perfectly sunny with a little breeze.
wanting: to keep doing this forever!
needing: to go get ready aka cleaned up.
thinking: i wish i didn't have to work monday.
enjoying: the pages i made, and watching my adorable kitty sleep.
wondering: if it's ok that i didn't run today.



Kari said...

currently: sneaking some internet time at work on my break and secretly planning layouts in my head LOL can't wait dude. i heart you. xo

leslianne5 said...

Another currently: remembering being slapped in the arm by Kim and laughing so hard, my cheek muscles are sore. Hope you had a scraptastic Sunday after a super Saturday night. (Tyra is planning another one in Septebmer......)

Renee said...

lol! was hilarious! we might have to revisit in september :) maybe we'll have some more "i can't believe he did that!" stories to share ;-)