Sunday, August 21, 2011

letter to my author...

dear renee,
your blog here. neglected and alone, simply existing. how i've longed for the gentle kiss of a keystroke, the tickle of your thoughts on my virtual pages, the quiet admiration with which you regard me after we've shared a few stolen moments. but alas, here i sit, ever awaiting your return. i beg you to pay more attention to me! fill me in once in a while...all those scrapbook pages you've been mass producing, the new job you are learning, the fun excursions you've been on, your aspirations, hopes, dreams, worries and more... i'd like to hear about these things more frequently please! and i know you need to share... i know you want to!
not so patiently anymore,
your blog.

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Mallory Phillipy said...

love times infinity.

*ps, the word verification for posting this comment is "betink" coincidence? i think not.