Thursday, March 3, 2011

top 3 (somewhat impossible)

ok. this is way too hard to narrow down, so i just let the top 3's surface naturally and took the first 3 answers. i like, no love, a ton of music. i make it myself. i live it. i appreciate it. here are a few of my 'random' top 3's... :)

top 3 pandora radio stations:
1. death cab for cutie radio
2. miike snow radio
3. the cure radio

top 3 songs i turn up really loud when they are on the radio in the car:
1. forget you - cee lo
2. little lion man - mumford & sons
3. dog days - florence & the machine

top 3 soundtracks:
1. garden state (oh yeah. very very top.)
2. once
3. twilight saga has some awesome tunes!

top 3 current faves:
1. miike snow
2. patsy cline
3. friends' mixes...does that count?
ok, 3 for real: empire of the sun
please, can i have 4?: the shins or vampire weekend (ok, i totally squeezed in 5!)

top 3 songs i want to learn or am learning on the guitar:
1. falling slowly - once soundtrack
2. hurt - nine inch nails
3. any patsy cline song (simple guitar chords, fun to sing!)

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