Thursday, August 12, 2010

friday the 13th

i will:

1. sleep in. snuggle with my kitty. stay inside the warm covers just a minute longer.

2. have a cup of english breakfast tea with vanilla soy milk. open the blinds alll the way to let the morning sunshine in to warm my heart.

3. go on a hike (in new territory) with my mom. pick up the old heart rate. have a picnic. take some pictures.

4. make some birthday cards. two to be exact. oh, and a small scrapbook page for my friend's baby shower book.

5. listen to some good music: i'm thinking blast the joni mitchell 'blue.'

6. eat, drink and be merry with some dear old friends. and i'm talking goooood food (her husband is a super cook- gourmet status). lots of catching up to be had with the girls.

7. read until my eyelids are heavy. 'breaking dawn.' again.

8. fall asleep with a full and happy heart. kitty on chest. sweet dreams to come.



leslianne5 said...

NEW POST! So happy.
Enjoy your day! And reading BD.....again? Fantastic.

Renee said...

i heart you les. yes bd again, lol. edward never gets old you know (wait, no pun intended).

Kari said...

This makes me so happy :D
I love yew. xo bffl