Friday, June 25, 2010

self-portrait scrapbooking

it's high time i took some snapshots of my layouts! i've been meaning to for so long...and there are oh so many more...but i wanted to start with these because they are a few of my favorites and i am in a self-reflecting kind of mood right now :) work has been on the difficult side for the past couple weeks and i've been a bit frustrated. i got the sweetest email of gratitude from someone and it completely made my day/month/year! her kind words truly made it all worth it and my frustrations simply evaporated. not only was it a great compliment, it makes me want to continue to strive to make everyone i interact with feel good, honored, helped, respected. it makes me want to do better. not that this really relates to self-portrait scrapbook pages, but it just inspired me to be me! so...i wanted to start by posting some art!

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