Thursday, January 7, 2010

i think i can i think i can

yes yes. time for a new post, it is. woah. here comes the yoda. ah, so it is a new year, 2010...unbelievably so. no grandiose resolutions here...keeping it simple: more art. more music. less negativity. heal my hurt back. more exercise. yoga. ok ok, this list is getting long... figure out the rest of my life. grad school? pay off debt? acquire more debt (in the name of higher education)? and then what? well 2010, you've got your work cut out for you. i remember a 'hall-mate' from my first year in college reacting with shock while having a 'deep' late night conversation about life, self, direction. i expressed concern about not really knowing myself yet- needing to 'find' myself still...she said "isn't that what high school was for??" and i felt a little ashamed. how lucky that she apparently already 'found' herself and here i am..almost 30. wait, really? *sigh* ...and still searching. ah, life is a beautiful journey. reminds me of radiohead- "you float like a feather in a beautiful world..." grace. patience. serenity. peace. *sigh* (with a happier tone). m (cat just felt the need to interject here with a very intentional placement of her paw on the "m"). thank you, princess. lol. this post is turning out a bit melancholy but i guess i just feel like i am missing a little something... i need to focus my positive energy and convert it into action. there's another item to add to the "oh-ten" list. (thank you mal for the "oh-ten" inspiration). wow! coincidentally radiohead's "creep" just began on the wonderful pandora...and here we are at the "you float like a feather in a beautiful world. i wish i was special- you're so *** special... i want a perfect body, i want a perfect soul." thank you r-head. speaking of pandora, i am absolutely loving all of the fabulous sounds and new music discoveries i am experiencing. yum. time for to dream. tomorrow is a new day...and weather permitting, a hiking day. i need fresh air, a raised heart rate, mud on my shoes and the exhilaration of reaching the peak of a mountain. xo

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