Wednesday, December 2, 2009

my december

i think it's about time that i actually write something on my sorry excuse for a blog. i seem to only post pictures lately...thinking that they will suffice to communicate my current thoughts and feelings, but really- i should 'use my words.' so. december. welcome! such beautiful, crisp, delightfully seasonal weather we are having! i love the colors of fall, as we transition into winter, the cinnamon sticks boiling on my stove, the (this is for you kari) pumpkin spice lattes, holiday crafts, and general holiday spirit in the air. thanksgiving was fantastic, and i really enjoyed the family time...not to mention the extended vacation time as well. i had such a nice 4-day weekend and so much to be thankful for. this week is flying by so quickly and it is hard to believe that it is already december!! lately i've had so much fun preparing for the holiday craft faire (thanks kari!!! coming up in a week. i've made countless cards and am working on some more fun treats- wreaths, candy cane ornaments, stockings...mmmm. i had so much fun on sunday- i took a bunch of photos of all my holiday goodies around the house and really got in the xmas mood. i am really looking forward to xmas this year as my beloved grandparents will be joining my in my tiny home to spend xmas eve overnight! the whole immediate family is coming over that night to participate in our traditional candle lighting ceremony which i am proud to host this year. we are going to squeeze 10 people into my lil' condo and have pizza, sing carols, and light candles. then my grandparents will stay overnight...i get to wake up with them on xmas morning!! i am very excited. this holiday season will be so special! now i've just got to finish up my photography class and complete my final project. i am going to photograph my glass jewelry as well as sheets of glass illuminated from behind. i better get to work on that- it is due next week! typical me though- wait until the last minute and work hard under pressure...story of my life. since it gets dark so early now i am limited to the weekends for photo shoots...which leaves only this weekend to complete the assignment. oh well. here are a few photos to welcome my december...


Kari said...

Yessss! Proud=me
bff..... Me lol
I have my English essay due Sunday too so you aren't the only one :)
xoxo love u

Renee said...

lol. i have a good source for inspiration! xo