Sunday, December 6, 2009

in rainbows

another beautiful autumn/winter day...although i only saw the sun for a short while, i am quite enjoying my sunday. even princess caught a few rays in the morning light...i think she's been missing her vitamin d intake here. i've spent most of the day photographing my glass sheets back-lit by the natural light through my glass door. i still need to shoot my glass jewelry pieces, but at least i have this part out of the way. i am not thrilled with how they turned out, but then again, i know nothing about proper lighting and am not set up to take professional pics, lol. i do like the way they all fit together in the rainbow grid though- that was fun to do in photoshop. i always tend to do rainbow things. i remember my art teacher in high school telling me that was the easy way out and i should challenge myself with other color schemes. but i love rainbow! and i still do! :) so rainbow it is. they are all pretty true to the lighting and color with a few small adjustments here and there to allow the sequence of colors to transition smoothly. did i mention i love rainbow? rainbows? and radiohead's 'in rainbow's?'

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Kari said...

LOL rainbow face.