Thursday, December 3, 2009


what's this?! la la la la la la. (jack skellington). kari, you're probably the only one that will understand this. so anyways- what's this?! yes, blogging again! i was inspired by this photo of my levitating roses...i've been practicing my spells you know. wingardium leviosa with a swish of the wand and a flick of the wrist (aka a glass table and a fun camera).

now here i sit in the quietest classroom (my typing is probably causing some irritation to my fellow classmates...yes, it's that quiet). i am such the procrastinator--no wait--i have no time to do the assignments anyway--that i am using my lab time to blog. but hey, it's a new goal of mine to keep this up, so i guess some sacrifices are acceptable.

it is so quiet (due to your absence lesley--if you ever read this i hope you get a kick out of it) that i am almost afraid to keep typing. lol. so i guess that's it for now.

i need a dollar cone. <3

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