Thursday, November 20, 2008

feeling poetic.

every time
i try to find
peace of mind
within the daily grind
i must remind myself
that this time itself
is t r u e

the ocean dwells within me as the sky does in you
our emotion blurs the dividing line between our respective blue
the horizon is a myth...for we are surely one
there is no seperation in sight for what begins and what is done
your stars reflect upon my face, twinkling across my sea
revealed are shapes and colors, i see in you, you see in me
my waves stretch out and upward into you bright blue space
extending their graceful arms to your ever-present embrace
this romance, this bond, between sea and sky
is infinite and hearts wings with which to f l y

as great as the force that binds us all as one
as brilliant as the moonlight that's reflected from the sun
a spectrum of wavelengths reach my eyes and heart
cutting deep as the ocean's deepest canyon's deepest part
an element unexplainable, untouchable, undefined
yet and element so real it fills both body and mind
with joy and sadness with love so true
this force i have within me is the force you have in you
an energy, and emotion, a connection, a light
a cycle never-ending, night to day, day to night
some may call it god and some may call it earth
some will see its beauty in each death and each new birth
irrespective of its label, to your heart it finds a way
let it comfort every night and i n s p i r e every day

butterflies are free to fly wherever they may choose
the know not of negativity or what it's like to lose
tumbling gracefully through the air they flirt with birds and bees
riding windy currents through flowerbeds and trees
adorned by brilliant colors upon their delicate soft wings
it's no wonder why, when they pass by, my heart so freely s i n g s

sing and your voice calms the storm
sing and what's cold becomes warm
dear my blood is b l u e beneath skin for y o u
clouds pass by
time flies
s l e e p in peace
sleep in p e a c e

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