Monday, October 6, 2008

purple haze

admitedly, this is a pic from spring this year...when flowers were abundantly in bloom. now it is autumn and i should have a pic of colored leaves, cloudy skies and hot lattes... but this beautiful wisteria blossom moves me and i've always wanted to do something with here it is in all its spring glory! here's to new growth, new beginnings, turning over a new leaf, etc. (all themes that ring true in spring and autumn)!
i was/am really sick this weekend :( my doctor thinks i've contracted the nasty flu virus that's going around right sore throat or runny nose, just severe body aches, head ache and s e r i o u s back pain!! my tummy's killing me and i slept for roughly20 hours! feeling a bit better this evening, so i hope the worst is over. i could barely lift my head let alone get out of bed yesterday. typically i only get this sick once a year (if that) so i'm hoping this was my battle for 2008. i'm feeling sore just sitting here so it's time to sign off...

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