Monday, September 22, 2008


feels odd to start over...more so to share such thoughts on the i could sit here and write to you (you?) for hours...let my fingers dance away on these noisy keys...let tears fall and smiles pull my face. i could spell it all out, backwards and forwards and surgically explore all of the events, emotions, decisions, consequences, regrets and frustrations that have brought me back start over. it's sad and scary and stressful and unsure, yet beautiful and hopeful and new and pure. it's everything. it's selfish. it's real. and it's me right now. my heart longs for my lost heart mourns. yet in the same selfish breath i know that hearts around the world are hurting far worse. i know that my silly self-centered pain is merely that...and that life goes on and new love* is found.

*autumn leaves dancing to the ground, cats sun bathing in window light, soy chai tea lattes, warm hugs from friends, art art art, leggings and tights, birds flying in the sky, sunsets, fresh cool air, full moons, good books, blasting music, evening walks, and much more.

and so i shall attempt to be poetic...and let my soul explain.

it's been a long day
yet how quickly each moment slips away
i tried to hold on to you but like the waves
i'm pulled away
arms outstretched and reaching for
your shores
the ocean swells
emotion tells
as true as the sky is blue
i loved you

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Mallory Phillipy said...

you are so so brave. remember, you're my superwoman. i love you <3